We have re-invented what defines a luxury home in Pattaya. With the passion and vision to build
a residence that expands and adapts as your future needs evolve.

“We believe the real estate development is about
creativity and attention to details. Our passion is to give our
clients happiness above and beyond for a lifetime.”

Our Team

Conducted by Grand Paradise Villa, a byproduct of over 40 years of sincere high-end development from generations to the others, to create a unique living lifestyle on a serene situated location and Evergreen Fengshui plan. To top it all levels of details and passions tells the tale of an appreciation where only time could determine its value.

Our Passion

A Project like the Prospect happens rarely only when there is a harmony combination of bright talents and passionate teams set new standard for a master piece high-end villa project in Pattaya.

“We believe that real estate development with creativity and attention to details will give our clients happiness above and beyond all the expectations and constraints. In every project we become involved in, we dedicate ourselves to the extraordinary effort of creating the most value in each segment, with a premium on harmony, design and lifestyle, which when complete allows the owner a carefree joy in the midst of nature and luxury, the feeling of living every day in the resort of their dreams”

Thanabodee ( Bank) Hoontrakul,
Founder & CEO.

"Creativity and attention to details would give all
our clients happiness above and beyond"

“How we went about developing to the fullest all that would promote the charm of this property is an endless story to tell. At The Prospect, we were never content with just selling the villas, but we were committed to the creation of homes that grow with their owners and community, a home that makes the possibilities in life possible”

Chanakan (Aom) Hoontrakul,
Marketing Director.

Chanakan (Aom) Hoontrakul, Marketing Director.| The Prospect Villa
Ubonwan ( Lynn) Khorthavornwong, Brand Experience Consultant.| The Prospect Villa

“The experience of this brand is encapsulated in its name, The Prospect, where endless opportunities are opened up in which everyone can build the life of their dreams. My passion in this project is envisioning today’s happiness and tomorrow’s potential through branding”

Ubonwan ( Lynn) Khorthavornwong,
Brand Experience Consultant.

Property for sale | The Prospect Villa

“The continuity in quality improvement for construction and professional services is the key to creating a quality of living with class. The attention to detail put into every work process we deliver to our customers is what makes The Prospect unmatched in its field”

Thanawat ( Ood) Meethipkij,
Chief Operating Officer.

Exterior of property in Thailand | The Prospect Villa
Thanawat ( Ood) Meethipkij, Chief Operating Officer. | The Prospect Villa

"We aim to bring out every sense of comfort to
make everyday a perfect day for everyone "

“The uniqueness of the concept design is the blend between land contour designs, landscape design, architectural design and interior layout plan which all come together to form the master plan. The inner count serves as the interaction between indoor and outdoor space in the modern tropical atmosphere. Every corner of the house fully embraces the natural light, views of greenery and the breezy coastal wind flow. We aim to bring out every sense of comfort that makes every day a perfect day for everyone in the family”

Sarayuth (Zoe) Wajang,
Architect & Interior Designer

"The Prospect at the very core is all about
Living everyday a resort lifestyle"

“The Prospect at its very core is all about living every day within a resort lifestyle, allowing residences to enjoy a much deserved sanctuary. The open plan and breathing space concept allows wind flow and maximizes greenery view. Last but not least, our product grants the freedom to reach the full potential of lifestyle fulfillment with an expandable and future proof concept”

Thanapong ( Kong) Bunyasiri,
Master Concept Developer.

“The true beauty of this landscape is the land itself. With its smooth hilltop slope, our inspiration is to set nature at center stage, creating a life eco system that truly grows with the community. The “Reforestation Concept” was initiated to bring the authentic touch of nature into the project’s environment, creating the real value of togetherness between nature and our lives”

Bundit ( Ming) Buranatavonsom,
Landscape Designer.

“Fengshui is the art & science of creating harmony for the element of life. This is the home built upon a well thought-out energy flow and dimension planning with the intention to make each and every home at The Prospect actual site itself is an evergreen land with a foundation of prosperity and longevity that transcend generations”

Feng Shui Master