Project Highlights

The Transcending Real Value of Happiness

Live in harmony with nature, enjoying the freedom of infinite lifestyle expansion in your private
hilltop sea view pool villa at the best location in Pattaya.

Nature Meets Comfort

Living at The Prospect feels like a modern tropical resort, while not far
from the conveniences of city living and the pleasure of beachside life.

Thailand resort with beachside life | The Prospect Villa

Each are only ten minutes apart, allowing a fulfilling dual lifestyle any time you like. The Prospect is close to the main road, nearby schools, cafés, shopping and supermarket. From its hilltop 40–60 meters above sea level, equivalent to a 15–20 story building, you can enjoy the luxury of sunset views every evening above Pattaya beach.

Beach resort in thailand | The Prospect Villa
thailand pool villa | The Prospect Villa

Greenery living, Award-Winning design

Trees at The Prospect have been chosen for their unique form and
symbolic meaning. Each conveys a reflection of eternal prosperity
to the residence and its owners.

thailand resort with greenry | The Prospect Villa

For example, Mang Mee signifies wealth and Nang Kwag embodies the continual growth of business. Every house’s feature tree was planted with the exact degrees of how its branches and shade will expand calculated to ensure stability and peacefulness. Our tree selection welcomes you to the home of your dreams.

beach resort in thailand | The Prospect Villa

Rather than a lavishly furnished clubhouse with fancy gym, we are growing a forest to give our community and their kids a natural playground. Jogging or cycling along its green corridor while learning about plants and trees, relaxing with a view of the beautiful treetops overlooking the skyline, are all pastimes of everyday lifestyle here.

The Prospect inspires freedom to express your own style in the
award-winning home design (Thailand Property Awards 2019)
of your private modern tropical villa, where every day feels like
being on an exclusive holiday of your own.

Thailand property awards | The Prospect Villa

Expandable living, infinite happiness

The home’s area, the architectural setting and room layout are designed
to meet future life expansion without having to reinvest for extra space.

Villas with private garden | The Prospect Villa

Our open plan layout and sizable land area offer endless possibilities of extending or converting the space into a hobby or family area. The view of the shared courtyard and your private garden inspires outdoor living and allows enough breathable space with natural light to make home a desirable place to be. All spaces are seamlessly connected to grant children an important sense of privacy but never letting them out of sight.

Bali villa for sale | The Prospect Villa
Onyx layout concept of the villa in thailand

The kitchen area is engineered for highest utilization of space and the most
practical arrangement for kitchen work. For preparing meals, each zone is
arranged in a clockwise direction for a smooth workflow. The separated cabinets
are smartly designed for the utmost in aesthetic and function.

The separated cabinets are smartly designed for
the utmost in aesthetic and function.

Harmonious Living, Prosperity for Life

It is believed that the proper placement of Fengshui elements in a home gathers positive energy
for good health and good fortune, while negative energy is channeled out to create harmony within.

Fengshui elements in a home | The Prospect Villa

Feng means wind and Shui means water and in Chinese culture both wind and water are associated with good health — so good Fengshui means good fortune. All windows, doors and the room layout were placed in careful accordance to Fengshui to ensure a home nourished by fresh, clear and freely flowing energy, with no stagnant, old or blocked energy remaining.

Top view of the villa pattaya for sale | The Prospect Villa
houses for sale in phuket | The Prospect Villa

The very special awning gives uniqueness to
the front gate, symbolizing the everlasting
entrepreneurial spirit.

Private Sanctuary, Privileged Lifestyle

The harmonious East-meets-West design, with main gate in the back,
the interior is elegantly displayed facing the pool and courtyard.

Luxurious resorts in thailand for sale | The Prospect Villa

The timber fin is a modern decoration but also provides privacy without feeling blocked. The seamless indoor and outdoor areas allow connection between family members while each enjoys their own space and privacy.

Best view of the villa | The Prospect Villa
thailand villa with pool | The Prospect Villa

The privileged neighborhood of The Prospect comprises only 80 families in
an exclusive community.  Enjoy tranquility and security, with the highest
standard security systems,

As you grow your network together in this ace community.

Transcending value for life

The Prospect will be only 30 minutes’ drive from a new and attractive
investment destination, including U-Tapao International Airport,
a high-speed train and commercial sea port.

Planned to open in 2023, this is an opportunity to grow an investment that lasts through generations.

A mere three minutes’ drive takes you to the main road, Sukhumvit, an area
in highest demand by expats in Thailand.

The Prospect is the ideal residential project to invest in,
expecting high yield in the future.