Project concept


A residence with an outlook for the future, re-inventing the home to maximize every lifestyle of its owners to its full potential.

The Prospect is committed to elevating every aspect of the living experience to new heights. By rethinking living spaces and re-interpreting living environments, we have created a unique design philosophy for a home that can answer your ever-evolving lifestyle and ever-changing needs throughout the years.

Ensuring your privacy and security, The Prospect is a quality neighborhood established for only 80 families, surrounded in a distinctive natural harmony in Pattaya’s best location, with the architectural aesthetic of a LUXURY MODERNITY TROPICAL RESORT HOME.

Our journey started with an eye on the past and a vision for the future – an assemblage of nature and the infinite joy of harmonious lifestyle growth, overlooking the gulf of Thailand.

Assembling a strong team of like-minded individuals, we began our process of crafting an open living sanctuary that gives you freedom, and grows together with you. We translated our passion for nature and joie de vivre into what is to become the preeminent residential development that metamorphoses together with your own personal growth, and is expandable to compliment your ever-evolving lifestyle; now and in the future.

With our strong, passionate team, we have built the durable foundation from which your home will grow, in a safe, secure environment for all those moments you will treasure, cherish and prosper in.