Live a lifestyle defined by you, with home 10 minutes from Pattaya’s long sandy beach and vibrant city life.


Only 10 minutes to pattaya beach and downtown

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  1. Suvarnabhumi Airport
  2. U-tapao Airport
  3. High speed train Pattaya station
  4. Bali hai pier


  1. Terminal 21
  2. Central marina
  3. Central festival pattaya beach
  4. Big C
  5. Tesco lotus


  1. Burapa pattanasart international school
  2. Phoenix school
  3. Satit udomseuksa school
  4. Tara pattana international school


  1. Bangkok pattaya hospital
  2. Pattaya international hospital
  3. Pattaya memorial hospital
  4. Jomtien hospital


Jomtien Beach

Within the comfortable reach of home, Jomtien beach awaits with inspiring views and cherished weekend afternoons at the seaside with the ones you love most. The wide range of watersports available, from windsurfing to kayaking, makes the ocean your gym and playground. Whenever you choose, steal away just the two of you to gaze over moonlit waves or in a carefree hour of joy aboard a sailboat cruising with the breeze.

12.8864° N, 100.8775° E


Sunset view at Khao Phra Tamnak

From Phra Tamnak Hill, you will discover the most impressive and beautiful view of Thailand’s eastern coastline. It is also the most romantic, overlooking the sweeping crescent of Pattaya northward, Jomtien Beach to the south, while embracing the Gulf and nearby islands. For couples in love, dinner at one of the famous restaurants on the hill, looking out to the sunset, creates an unforgettable moment of intimacy as you watch the beautiful hues illuminate a fading horizon slowly reveal the stars above matched by the lights in the city below while the sea takes on a gentle glow.

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“Enjoy the endless exclusive lifestyle in one
of the world's most vibrant beach city”

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Chill at Papa beach Club

The pleasures of a living near the seashore are precisely illustrated in an evening visit to Papa Beach Club.  Delectable Italian cuisine and superior beverages are served and deservedly well praised. The atmosphere evokes just the right touch of a stylish hangout and the restaurant is situated right at the edge of the beach, where the night’s enchanting sea view and fresh breeze create the ideal scene for a small gathering of close friends or an evening shared with your sweetheart.

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Yatch Club

Charter a yacht at Ocean Marina Yacht Club to truly enjoy the beauty and bliss of the Gulf of Thailand. Highly respected and insured, the club provides an excellent service for sailing on the open waters, one of the indispensable pleasures of owning a home at the seaside. Ocean Marina offers a variety of both sailing and motor vessels and is the largest marina in Asia. An expression of the coastal lifestyle, it is also a reward for all you have accomplished and the joy you can share, treating your family to a little adventure, getting away from it all with your true love, or a pleasant reunion on the waves with a few old friends.

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"The beach getaway or fine dining in the city
made possible within only 10 minutes from home"

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Shopping at Terminal 21 and Central Marina

Up towards the top of Pattaya Sai 2 Road are the city’s premier shopping experiences, Terminal 21 and Central Marina. Besides shopping and restaurants, Central Marina also offers a beergarden and live music in the evenings, which is a great fit for a casual evening out. Upscale shopping center Terminal 21 makes the mall experience more intriguing, offering an international airport theme that will you all with ideas for your next vacation. Each floor is designed with the concept of traveling (by escalator!) to the most famous markets of the world, and much focus is on trendy and often imported apparel and lifestyle accessories.

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Pattaya park

Easily spotted by its huge 240 m observation tower, which hosts three revolving international buffet restaurants with tasty dishes appealing to everyone in the family. The 360-degree view of the entire area around Pattaya makes it a memorable outing together, and one worth repeating. An exciting adventure you’ll be retelling for ages, for those with a daring streak and old enough, is the tower’s jumping platform, optional of course. The nearby Fun Park offers amusements for all ages and is slow-paced enough for a perfect low-key day out with the little ones.

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